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Tech solutions for the construction industry are far reaching. Some solutions can get pretty pricey and with all the tools needed to compete today, it can add up. We have compiled a list of affordable tools in a few categories that will help you save a little so you can spend elsewhere.

1. TSheets

Time tracking made easy for you and your employees. This mobile app does more than just logging hours. You can set overtime alerts and it will keep track of vacation days, PTO, and approvals. A feature that makes it great for the construction industry is the uses of GPS location tracking. This app integrates with QuickBooks, makes payroll simple, and gives real-time reports. You can start with a three-day trial.
2. Trello

Trello is a more visual project collaboration tool. You can drop any number of assets associated with a project into Trello to keep track of it all in one place. Your projects become boards. You can see, all in one place, what has been worked on, who is working on what, and where your project is in the process. Trello is free and easy to learn.
3. Office Lens

Office Lens will take a picture of a whiteboard or other assets and make them readable and in a document form that can be converted to a PDF. This app enhances and trims the photos to make them readable assets. This can be a handy tool for brainstorming sessions. This is a free app, part of the Microsoft Office Suite and can sync with OneNote.
4. Architect’s Formulator

No need to remember all the formulas needed to complete a job. This app holds over 400 formulas for electrical, plumbing, and carpentry calculations.
5. Jobsite unite

This is more than project collaboration and could fall under the category of a workflow tool. It is strictly construction focused, which is great! It has really kept in mind what construction professionals need. You are able to create a construction profile for each project, communicate with a team or the entire jobsite, improve awareness and safety on the job, and deliver your projects on time and on a budget. You can access this tool from anywhere and use the direct chat, photo, and check-in functions to stay on top of the project.
6. CamScanner

This will turn your smartphone or tablet into a scanner. All of your devices can sync up and your scans can be shared. If your mobile banking app allows you to deposit checks with your smartphone, you already know how this app works. Store, share, annotate, and manage your documents all from this free app.
7. Green Pro

Green Pro helps construction and architecture professionals keep track of Leadership in Energy and Environmental (LEED) design credits. Tips on achieving LEED standards are given on this app. This app has a lot of handy features for building green. Professionals can access credit requirements and understand which requirements have been met for new construction and major renovation.
8. Asana

Asana is an affordable list making tool that helps with project collaboration organization. Assign tasks to your team and they will check them off as they go. If a team member needs something from you, they can assign you a task to you or anyone else as well. Give these tasks due dates for added accountability and sync with your smartphone so you can check off and assign tasks from anywhere. These tasks can stand alone, for one-off requests, or be rolled into projects with bigger goals.
9. ExakTime

This app was built specifically for construction professionals. Employees will be able to clock in and out even from remote places for accurate hour tracking. The records are automatically backed up to make managing reports easy. This app will share information with your existing payroll package. This app eliminates the need for paper time cards and doesn’t require logging into a computer to report hours, either.
10. Construction Helper

This is a handy app for construction professionals and makes calculations on the job quick and accurate. Easily calculate areas, total surface and price of surface groups, volumes, volume cost and weight and more. This app is available on Google play, therefore, integrates well with all other Google products.



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