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New Hire: Shawn Clarkson, Network Engineer

April 25, 2011

GadellNet welcomes Shawn Clarkson to the GadellNet Networking Team. Shawn Clarkson has over 11 years of comprehensive server, network, and end-user support experience. He is extremely knowledgeable with Windows Server platforms, SQL Server, Cisco, SAN Infrastructures, and VMWare software. Shawn will be responsible for managing and leading our larger customer projects as well as serving as a Tier 3 Network Engineer for our customers' systems. Shawn graduated from Maryville University [...]

It’s Joe Gadell’s Birthday!

April 3, 2011

While we rarely post birthday news on our news page, Joe is our President and we wanted to share a few fun facts about one of our trusted leaders (and the founder of GadellNet): Joe got his first computer when he was 7 years old. It was a Five-Star XT 8088-10 running MS-DOS with a 14" CGA color monitor - no mouse By the time Joe was 10 years old, he had graduated from programming in Basic to C++ and was accessing BBS systems to message and exchange programs. At age 11, Joe networked the n [...]