Environmental Firm Upgrades Technology and Processes

Case Study: Environmental Firm Upgrades Technology and Processes

EnviroForensics is an environmental engineering firm that offers site investigation and remediation, legal support, and resource management to their clients in the Indianapolis area. This environmental engineering firm specializes in consulting, planning, engineering, and designing for clients while keeping the needs of the environment in their forethoughts. They serve businesses, law firms and municipalities with the science and strategy they need. They have 45 employees and are growing rapidly.


GadellNet set out to make this company even more successful than they already
are with their eager and dynamic staff. EnviroForensics needed a few updates to
help them run more efficiently. What they lacked:

  • Effective document management workflow
  • Backup and continuity for all key services
  • Integrated applications
  • An inspiring and tech friendly work space
  • A workable 3 year budget
  • Consistent and scalable technology solutions
  • On and off site 24/7/365 support


GadellNet created “EnviroNet” as an online document management portal. This document management workflow was built in SharePoint and allowed on premise and mobile access to documents. The documents the staff needs to stay on top of their workload can now be easily accessed by themselves and their clients. Further, it categorized and made documents searchable to aid project management and delivery of service.

GadellNet also brought video conference technology to connect their remote offices and clients through a professional video conference option. The task of “make it as easy as FaceTime” was given to GadellNet to ensure ease-of-use and acceptance by the EnviroForensics staff.

The physical office at EnviroForensics is much more tech friendly after our Consulting Services made changes. This fresh approach to the traditional office space will help EnviroForensics recruit the top talent who demand better work-life balance and prefer non-traditional office environments. GadellNet is currently consulting with their architect to help design their new office.

A 3 year budget created by GadellNet’s Consulting Services is expected to be managed by EnviroForensics. This budget helps keeps them on track financially and allows them to have a long-term view of their business.

All employee’s computers were updated to laptop standards by GadellNet for engineering firms of their size. This tech update, suggested by the Consulting Services Team, allows employees to take their devices home or anywhere else on the go. EnviroForensics has seen an increase in billing due to this hardware update.

GadellNet also created a backup and disaster recovery solution that allows immediate failover to an offsite data center in the case any disaster. Their building’s power went down and all employees were, once GadellNet activated their disaster recovery solution in less than an hour, still able to access their email and their files. Business resumed, clients weren’t aware of the downtime and billable employees were able to continue their efforts.

As with all other clients, GadellNet offers 24/7 on and off site support. GadellNet staffs an IT professional at their main headquarters two times per week to ensure face time with their staff.

What Was Provided?

This company has a great team of professionals who try to satisfy our company's needs at every turn. Very responsive and good to work with.

, St. Charles Automotive