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Patching Best Practices

September 27, 2017

Patches are essential for your cyber security, your performance, and reliability. All platforms release patches with new features and increased security. With as many platforms as the average small business employs, patches can be a lot to keep up with, but they are crucial to maintaining an efficiency and secure network. There are two problems with patches – sometimes their application in a system is delayed by the IT department, and othertimes they are not applied at all. When an IT depar [...]

7 Simple Tips to Improve Data Security

September 20, 2017

Everyone knows security is no joke, but just to put it into perspective, the average cost for a small business that suffers a cyber attack is $9,000, according to the National Small Business Technology Survey. If that sum would threaten your small business, use these 7 simple tips to protect yourself. Antivirus & Antispyware Make sure each of your organization’s computers has antivirus and antispyware. If you have even one weakness in your organization, you are putting all your [...]

More than Storage: Explore the Cloud

September 14, 2017

The cloud is for more than storage. Although it remains a mystical unknown land to many small business owners, it’s really quite simple. Cloud storage is data stored on the web in secure locations. On-site data storage is slowly but surely being fazed out as the more agile and reliable cloud storage takes center stage. So what else can the cloud do besides store your data? Check out these four major benefits: Share, collaborate, and edit With all your files on the cloud, collaborating [...]

4 Security Vulnerabilities You Aren’t Even Worried About

September 7, 2017

For your cyber security defenses to be effective, you must be constantly updating and testing your network. Since 71% of cyber attacks target small business, it has never been more important. You must stay vigilant for your cyber security to stay effective and it can be exhausting. There are 4 common vulnerabilities you may not be regularly testing for or defending against. Your Employees Unfortunately, human error is still the biggest weakness in your network. People make mistakes. If one of [...]

It’s Time to Act on Security

August 14, 2017

Every day, our clients are asking us questions about cyber security. Many questions lately are focused around the same theme - Why the urgency? Why are the solutions that worked before not enough? We understand the confusion. But the answer is relatively simple - the technology landscape has changed dramatically in the last 3 years. The follow-up question (what has changed?) is equally simple - everything. Let's break this down. The technology - As our usage of technology has exploded, [...]

Security Notice: DocuSign

August 10, 2017

DocuSign was breached a few months ago and it is still a threat. We have witnessed a recent surge in phishing schemes using DocuSign. The emails look convincing and are made stronger by using personal information. These emails contain a link or attachment that, once clicked or opened, prompt you for your credentials and then continues spreading the malicious emails to your contact list. The emails are coming from someone in your contact list. If someone you know was breached, this scheme w [...]

Alert Fatigue – Finding the Signal in the Noise

July 31, 2017

Last week, we talked about vendor sprawl, and a landscape of increasing complexity in number of tools and capabilities. Many IT departments and service providers are using a suite of tools designed to detect and alarm on suspicious network and server activities. The increase in toolsets creates an exponential increase in alert fatigue and actions to be followed up on. The Promise Most solution vendors promote their product’s ability to cut through the noise, but many times they fail to menti [...]

Vendor Sprawl and Inflated Promises in Cyber Security

July 19, 2017

What is Vendor Sprawl? The cyber security space is experiencing vendor sprawl and inflated promises. This has a detrimental impact on small to mid-sized businesses. There are several factors that contribute to this environment, but more importantly, it leaves small to mid-sized business leadership overwhelmed and with many questions that need to be answered. Before we can dive into that, it's important to understand what vendor sprawl is. You may have heard of data sprawl before, which is the co [...]

How to Spot Fake News

July 18, 2017

Fake news is starting to run rampant through social media and the internet. Every time I scroll through Facebook, Twitter, or even Snapchat, I find fake news. Being able to distinguish between fake news and real news can be difficult. There have been times when I was sure a headline was just too crazy to be real, but it was shared by my local news station and ending up being a legitimate story. Both Google and Facebook have begun to crack down on false and misleading news but they haven’t been [...]

Two Smart Places for Law Firms to Invest in Tech

June 14, 2017

Many lawyers cringe at the idea of choosing technology platforms. Believe it or not, however, you can have personalized legal services and technology that co-exist. Beyond that, your technology can help you connect with clients in a ver personalized way, network and collaborate, and stay current on industry trends all while keeping your data secure. As long as you are investing in scalable software solutions, these are dollars that will help your firm grow. Your smaller practice competes with [...]