GadellNet Achieves Clio Certified Consultant Status

May 28, 2013

GadellNet Achieves Clio Certified Consultant Status 2

GadellNet recently became Clio certified! The application, which was created in tandem with the Bar Associations and Law Societies across America, is a program which was created as an easy and functional web-based legal practice management system.  As part of the Clio Certified Consultant Program, GadellNet is now an expert at empoweringfuture clients to be able to use Clio as a cloud-based alternate option to the typical client-server practice management systems.

We are now knowledgeable in all aspects of Clio and we will beusing this new knowledge to enhance our clients’ practices! The corecapabilities of Clio include: calendaring, time tracking, note-taking, document management, trust accounting, managing retainers, and billing.