GadellNet’s Cloud Computing Services

July 13, 2012

GadellNet Consulting Services, a leading St. Louis and Indianapolis provider of outsourced IT solutions, today announced it has added cloud computing to its service offering to help local businesses take advantage of the benefits of this powerful new computing model.

“We are very pleased to be offering cloud services,” said Tom Stemm, CEO of GadellNet Consulting Services. “Instead of building and maintaining expensive IT systems on premise, businesses will now have the option of simply plugging into whatever IT resources they need, and only having to pay for what they use on a monthly basis. The cloud computing model is similar to the way businesses now consume and pay for electricity.”

The 3 key business benefits of cloud computing include:
1. Cost savings – businesses can significantly reduce capital expenditures for hardware; paying
only for what they use on a monthly basis
2. Accessibility – anytime, anywhere access to applications and data from any device
3. Agility – instant scalability; meaning companies can add and remove users based on

To help local businesses understand the value of moving IT to the cloud, GadellNet is offering a complimentary Cloud Assessment. During the assessment, GadellNet will review current hardware, licenses, data and applications as well as assess network, security and backup. Upon completion of the assessment, the company will present recommendations to the business owner on how they might benefit from a move to the cloud.

GadellNet ‘s cloud services are currently available. To learn more or sign up for a complimentary Cloud Assessment, visit or call 314-431-0358.