We are Hiring! Software Developer Needed for a Full-Time Role

June 6, 2012

GadellNet Consulting Services, LLC is seeking a highly energized and self-motivated candidate to provide consulting expertise to our client base, as well as internal to the organization. Candidates with experience in software development will be responsible for the execution of day-to-day activities within the software development function of the company. The developer will be expected to deliver programs, applications, scripts, and other components with a high degree of quality, ensuring reusability, portability and high performance.
The software engineer has partial responsibilities for these areas:
• work within a flexible, fast paced environment, centered around team support and collaboration
• support server configurations related to all aspects of software development
• maintain existing web applications according to documented specifications and requirements
• perform all relevant functions throughout the software development lifecycle
• help develop and deliver solutions for new project work and development projects
The .NET developer is expected to follow in-house procedures and employ industry standards. Must be able to communicate well both verbally and in writing to interface appropriately with clients, exhibiting a professional demeanor. Will be required to work within a team setting.

Necessary skills & experience:
• Versed.NET architectures (C#)
• Experience with one or more of the following languages to supplement .Net expertise: PHP, Java, C++, Perl
• Experience with HTML (HTML5 familiarization preferred), CSS, XML, JavaScript (jQuery)
• Solid understanding and working ability to design OO programs and components with an emphasis on reusability, portability, and high performance
• Working knowledge of SQL DBMS: MySQL, MS SQL, or other
• Familiar with Linux or Unix operating systems , Windows Server 2008 – LAMP environment configuration and setup, as well as IIS based hosting and application delivery.
• Experience with one or more popular CMS preferred, as well as a subset of the many available open-source tools and technologies that prove useful within web development.
• Microsoft Office, emphasis on Excel