About Gadellnet

    Drew McAllister

    Strategic Consultant

    With experience as a teacher, professional development specialist, and technology director, Drew McAllister brings a wealth of knowledge about private and public education to GadellNet as our Educational Technology Architect. Drew is passionate about creating spaces and environments that support and accelerate learning. He has facilitated numerous technology-focused projects, from developing physical environments to rolling out blended learning solutions to hundreds of students and staff. He blogs at www.drewmcallister.net Outside of his professional work, Drew is most often found chatting with his wife as they wash dinner dishes, wrestling with his two boys or giving piggy-back rides to their little sister. The pace of family life and involvement with his faith community means that yard work, science projects, church gatherings, reading books out loud, and, yes, coding with his kids, are all parts of after-work life. Learning and systems that help people learn are his favorite conversation topics.

    What’s he learning right now?
    Circuitry and basic electronics.

    What sets GadellNet apart from our competition?
    Since I’ve been at GadellNet, I’ve had the chance to work through some taxing projects. Our engineers perform with speed, a concern for the customer, and graciousness toward their teammates. I’m very thankful to have arrived at a place where people value helping one another and giving their best to serve others.