About Gadellnet

    Emily Henke

    Sr. Account Manager

    Emily has worked in both the IT industry and Personal Security in the past, and has brought a wealth of knowledge with her when it comes to Account Management. She believes in being an advocate for our clients and their needs.

    Why did you join GadellNet?
    I wanted to be part of an amazing team that is doing great things for its clients.

    How would you describe GadellNet's Culture?

    Why do you love GadellNet?
    Hands down the culture. It's a very team-oriented atmosphere. I know I will always have support from the management team and my team members. It's a great feeling to work in a place where everyone is pushing to do their best.

    Describe GadellNet in one word.

    Want to learn more? Get to know Emily here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xP_LnADF6I