About Gadellnet

    Nick Robinson

    Strategic Consultant

    Why did you join GadellNet?
    I had the unique position of becoming part of the GadellNet family through a business acquisition. When we were looking for buyers for our business, we looked for a company that closely aligned with our goals of placing our customers first and foremost in all that we do, and a company that truly valued its people and their families. No place reflects those values any better than GadellNet does.

    Why do you love GadellNet?
    I love the freedom and flexibility that GadellNet has given me to invest in my family. I love being able to walk to pick my daughter up from school, and I’m never questioned for doing so. Being able to be a better husband and father makes me proud to be GNET blue!

    How would you describe GNet’s culture?
    Our culture is hard to describe in words that aren’t synonymous with “awesome.” Everyone here lives out three values that make us all better, all the time: 100% Responsibility, No Excuses; Make An Impact; and Grow or Die. By no means is our work easy, and it’s not even always fun, but you can bet that everyone here works to support each other in their jobs and as human beings. We all get better by helping others – whether that’s our clients, our peers, or the communities in which we live and work, and that culture is something I’ve never experienced to this degree before.

    Describe GadellNet in one word: