About Gadellnet

    Pasquale Fantetti

    Network and Security Engineer

    After being discharged from the United States Army Ordnance Corps, I decided to continue to pursue my civilian interest in Technology. I am now a Network and Security Engineer with Gadellnet, where my responsibilities demand monitoring the security of client technology environments, mitigating breaches to those environments and their employees from around the globe, to maintaining the health and changes both expected and unexpected of client networks just to name a few.

    Why did you join GadellNet?

    I had found an opening on a job search engine, and began to do some research on the company. I noticed it was much smaller than what I was used to, so I saw the hope of more individual attention, training, guidance, and growth internally. I remember finding some reviews that were on a 3rd party website from both current and past employee’s. The comments were very encouraging, and showed the enjoyment and content that current employees held, as well as the positive stories even past employees were able to leave Gadellnet with. My first interview was definitely something that will resonate with me forever. It was a very unique day and experience. Before, during, and after the interview. This experience helped me understand, this was the place for me.

    What is your favorite GNET job perk?

    I truly believe I work with the most intelligent and team orientated people any company could ever hope to staff. We know the people sitting in the office with us are the best at what they do, and deserve to sit in those chairs next to us.

    Why do you love GadellNet?

    It’s not like any place I’ve ever worked before. Because, it doesn’t feel like work at all. It feels like a group of people, working together for the same common interest. To take care of clients who depend on us for their technology needs and their own growth.

    How would you describe GNet’s culture?

    Grow or die. Growth is encouraged by not only leadership but by staff sharing the same roles. Everyone wants to see our company and peers grown and push themselves to be their best every day. No one ever leaves anyone behind, there’s always someone who will motivate you to push harder, and do great things.

    What impresses you about GadellNet?

    We put our clients first, before ourselves. It is the selfless nature necessary to the field we are in, and we know our clients trust us. They know we have their best interest in mind.

    Describe GadellNet in one word: