About Gadellnet

    Tim Snyder

    Project Engineer

    As a Project Engineer for GadellNet, Tim handles many of the clients in our education vertical. Tim has earned the trust of his clients by being easy to do business with as well as always showing 100% Responsibility on all of the projects that he works on. Tim also does an excellent job with mentoring both junior staff and peers.

    Why did you join GadellNet?
    I was relocating and found the attention to culture and personality fit intriguing and everyone I spoke with was great. Now that I have been here I feel like I made one of the best decisions of my life.

    What unique experiences and projects have you been involved with at GadellNet?
    I have been given the opportunity to work with clients and companies that I would have never have been exposed to without working at GadellNet. Learning how our clients’ environments work and what makes them tick is one of my strengths. I love interacting with our clients and helping to find ways to make their lives easier when it comes to technology.

    What is your favorite GadellNet job perk?
    We have dependable vehicles that are in great shape and I feel safe and proud when I drive one of them to a customer’s site. The fact that we have something like this provided for us to do our jobs is a great perk for me.

    What sets GadellNet apart from our competition?
    Our culture and people.

    How would you describe GadellNet’s Culture?
    GadellNet is like no other place that I have ever worked—our people truly care about each other, support each other. I have celebrated the phrase “Work hard, play hard” but no place has it ever been more true than at GadellNet.

    What advice would you give to future GadellNet employees/applicants?
    Put your best into your work—enjoy the challenges and let them help you grow stronger.

    What impresses you about GadellNet?
    The people at GadellNet are truly genuine, family oriented and above all else, fun. I have never felt such a sense of pride for any place I have worked. What impresses me the most about GadellNet is the people!

    Why do you love GadellNet? It is the best place I have ever worked. I am more “me” here than anywhere else. Feeling safe and secure enough to feel that way is very precious to me.

    Describe GadellNet in one word: Powerful