Application Selection

It can be daunting to select the right application. If managed correctly, a new software should serve your organization for 5 to 10 years.  If managed incorrectly, a new software can create inefficiencies, costs, frustrated employees and lost clients.

  • Are you overwhelmed by the vast number of software choices available?
  • Do you want to ensure your software fits your workflows, instead of changing your business around software?
  • Do you have the time to RFP, interview, and properly evaluate multiple software options?

Let the GadellNet Consulting Services team help navigate the 5 factors to consider when selecting software:

Features: What does the software do? Can it do the things you need it to do?
Fit: How will the software fit in with other products that you use, and with your organization’s IT strategy?
Future: Where is the market going? Is this product going to leave you in a proprietary niche or without support?
Flexibility: What changes can you foresee for your organization? Do you need to plan for different needs or working practices?
Funds: What is your budget?
  • Establish the Project Team
    GadellNet will work direct with the client to create an evaluation team. The team should consist of key stakeholders from your company. Typical team members include: CFO, Controller, Payroll/HR Manager, VP of Operations, Project Executive, Equipment Manager, Plant Manager, etc. In addition, GadellNet will document the high level goals for the project, clearly defining the benefits you expect to derive the implementation of the new software.
  • Define Core Requirements
    GadellNet will work with the key stakeholders, document critical workflows, and understand the budget requirements for the tool. These would include features critical to each department’s success – specific processes that are known to be bottlenecks or create company- wide inefficiencies, and desired outputs.
  • Select Appropriate Vendors
    GadellNet will review all viable software vendors that meet the requirements set forth in the “Define Core Requirements” phase. During this process, GadellNet reviews the long term viability of the software company, costs, referrals, customization options, existing customer demographics, etc.
  • Schedule Demonstrations
    The demonstration process will provide your team with necessary insight into the features and functionality of the selected software packages. This consists of two key phases: Overview Presentations and In Depth Demonstrations. Depending on the client, the client may or may not participate in this process.
  • Investment Assessment
    When we have received “ball-park” estimates for the project from each vendor, the goal at this stage is to get a total budget for the project. The key budget components are as follows: Software Licensing, Software Assurance, Implementation, Data Conversion, and Technical Services and Long Term Support.
  • Final Due Diligence
    At the final due diligence phase, GadellNet will work with the client to select the final software. It’s during this phase that GadellNet prepares a strategic implementation timeline, rollout plan and final budget for review by the client.

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