Office 365 Migration: Moving your email to the cloud

Office 365 Migration: Moving your email to the Cloud

Office 365 Migration

Have you been hesitant to migrate to Microsoft Office 365? Office 365 is a cloud-based version of the popular email platform many businesses are already using today. We have found that the Office 365 migration can be intimidating for many small businesses, but once you know how simple this migration can be, you will be ready to make the change.

Most companies are able to complete the full change over process in three basic steps for Office 365 migration.


  • Automatic backup of your files
  • Access Office 365 anywhere with your PC, Mac, or mobile device
  • Increased productivity with everyone on the same version
  • Screenshare, take notes, and video chat with online conferencing
  • Built in malware protection
  • Discovery
    Uncovering weaknesses in your current email platform is usually the first step of the process. Many of our customers have run out of space on their current email server and a cloud-based solution is a better overall fit for them. Others have had trouble with asset management and deployment. With Office 365, you don’t have to manually do updates or worry about keeping up with licensing – it is all done automatically. With these automation other benefits are achieved as well such as the ability to deploy a new computer without purchasing a new license. All costs are simplified because of the subscription-based model 365 operates on. Being a cloud solution, Office 365 is versatile. It allows for easier and more involved collaboration for your team. It is also mobile friendly and all iPad and iPhone apps are free with full features.
  • Implementation
    Once the need for Office 365 has been identified, it is time to start the implementation process.
    With GadellNet, the migration is done remotely and overnight. There is little to no downtime for you and your employees as we make the switch outside of normal business hours.Your employees will experience a seamless transition. They will be able to use all of the same applications and programs in the same way. They will have the added benefit of being able to access their mail anywhere from an online portal using their same password.
  • Wrap Up
    To make sure you do not experience any downtime or trouble navigating Office 365, we show up the next morning and help anyone who has questions. We also provide your company with training documents and 24/7 Help Desk Support with engineers trained in Office 365.
  • Our Successful Migrations

    We have worked with over 100 companies to successfully migrate them to Office 365. The companies were in a range of different sizes and were migrated from several different email types.

    Number of end users:

    0-50 end users         27%

    51-100 end users     49%

    100+ end users        24%

    365 migration chart

    Migrating from:

    Exchange         72%

    Gmail                15%

    POP                   5%

    365 migration hart email