Application Lifecyle

Application Integration   Application Selection

Our Approach

Our approach to application lifecycle management is unique.  From implementation to retirement, we are there to make the required changes to the application to make sure it is still working as it should for your company. Agile course correction requires constant feedback, and we keep our lines of communication clear and free for our clients. Making you the center of the application lifecycle sets us apart.

We seek to help you find the right application for your unique needs. We then implement, support, and report on that application. We are truly there from that initial point to the very end with support in between. We document and track the application, giving you viable reports.

Our Team

There are a lot of bright brains under our company’s roof, and they’re all great at something different. Which means our skill set isn’t just deep, but quite wide as well. From planning to UX and design to development on nearly any platform, we can take your product from back-of-the-napkin idea to execution.


The Process

1. Requirement Analysis

2. Approval by Client

3. Development Kick Off

4. Tool Selection

5.  Prototyping and Project Planning


6.  Daily Stand Ups (internal)

7. Weekly Stand Ups (with client)

8. Deliverable Review & Client Testing

9. Quality Assurance & Remediation

10. Delivery

11. Post Development On Going Support