Mimecast Webmail


What is it?

Mimecast offers a redundant inbox to allow you to send/receive e-mail even if your e-mail server is down.  You still have all of the same functionality of your email including send, receive, reply, forward, and adding attachments. You also have the added bonus of reviewing your Held Queue. These are the messages that Mimecast is suspicious of. Webmail will alert you when you have an on hold message so you can release it to your email or deny the message and flag as potential spam.

Having a hosted email server means you will not have outages or maintenance interruptions. Freeing up this time and expense will leave your IT department to work on important project work. Your employees will have access to their email 100% of the time from any device.

How do I use it?

  1. Visit https://login.mimecast.com
  2. Login with your email address and Domain password
  3. Online Inbox will show you your up-to-date inbox
  4. Personal On Hold will show you your messages on hold (flagged as potential spam)
  5. Rejection Viewer will show you emails that were rejected and why