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INDIANAPOLIS, IN: On February 19th, GadellNet had the opportunity to set up a booth at the Indiana Subcontractors Association Construction Networking Event of the Year. Seeing as GadellNet is positioned as an expert in construction IT this was a great chance for us to catch up with existing clients, meet new people that could benefit from a partnership with GadellNet, and see what’s really important to the people we serve.  Here are a few of the key takeaways that we learned.

As companies grow, they often don’t know how IT should grow with them. I spoke with many people that knew their company was getting too big for their current staff but didn’t know what options were available.  They were very relieved to learn GadellNet can work alongside existing IT personnel to complement their efforts.

Many people don’t realize that IT can push their company for growth rather than hold them back.  Beyond the basics that just keep them afloat, leaders don’t have time to evaluate new solutions.  Quite to the contrary, GadellNet believes IT can be a driving force to an organization’s profitability and constantly brings new ideas to the table.

Small and medium-sized organizations in St. Louis and Indianapolis require the same IT expertise that their enterprise level competition does. Although they can’t afford the vast IT staff, they still face the same problems. Partnering with GadellNet has given our clients all of the benefits of an enterprise level IT department at a fraction of the cost.

These are just a few of the many topics that came up regularly in conversations. Although this trade show was construction focused, the important themes carry over to many of the industries we work in.

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