Your individual needs are what motivate us here at GadellNet.  Our ability to bring industry specific knowledge to our clients sets us apart from other managed service providers. We serve several specific industries.

At GadellNet, our industry competency goes beyond serving clients in different industries, our staff has the experience in these industries to become true assets to your company.

The Business Technology Architect (BTA) role within our company provides the specific industry focus and knowledge our clients need to stay competitive. A BTA will help navigate trends in industries while aligning the Business and IT needs of a company. This role was created to offer our clients the unique value of a technology savvy professional dedicated to strategy development in their specific industry. A Business Technology Architect offers:

  • Expert Industry Knowledge
  • Strategic IT Planning and Framework
  • Awareness of Industry Trends
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Focused Dedication to the Industry
    • How profit is made
    • How clients/customer are acquired
    • What drives employee efficiency and satisfaction
    • How competitive advantages are created

The BTA creates industry-specific product bundles, allowing the client to have exactly what they need based on their specific industry. This consulting professional combines expert guidance and thought leadership to help streamline our clients’ strategies.

Take the guess work out, let our industry experts bring your technology to the level you need in order to meet your business goals.