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Your biggest client just signed up for Cyber Liability Insurance. It’s a smart move. You know with 71% of cyber attacks targeting small business and 60% of small businesses who experience an incident going under within 6 months, it is nearly essential to have cyber liability insurance. You know they will be able to sleep easier at night knowing if the worst happens, they can file a claim to help them get back on their feet.

But what if that client doesn’t do anything to stay compliant with the policy? What if they don’t monitor their network or set up an alerting system to prevent the worst?

You won’t be able to help them. Their claim will be denied. Then you’ll be stuck trying to explain to an angry CFO why you cannot let them take advantage of the insurance they have been paying for – every insurance agent’s worst nightmare.

But why aren’t they covered if they have cyber liability insurance?

They need to take preventative measures to make sure they are not vulnerable.

The method of exposure to a cyber incident has an impact on the claim. That means if a client is not properly protected, their claim could easily be denied. Not every client understands that, however. It could also be denied if data is stored outside of the client’s network, which might sound like a loophole to the client, but it is a legitimate security threat. Navigating all of these compliances is not an easy task for many organizations.

That’s where gurusentry comes in. gurusentry is a proactive network monitoring system that will minimize a client’s risk for cyber threats. Along with the insurance you have provided, they will have the best protection possible and the know-how of industry experts.

gurusentry includes continuous network monitoring, vulnerability assessments, and security awareness training.

Just like insurance is not enough, neither is just building defenses. A network must be constantly monitored, reviewed, and improved upon to be truly secure.

Network monitoring is 24x7x365 behavior-based network monitoring. With baselines established, anything out of the norm will cause an alert that will be looked into by your outsourced IT provider. Endpoints will also be monitored for early indications of vulnerabilities. If a potential vulnerability comes up, it can be corrected before it puts the network at risk. Intrusions and infections are also detected and prevented by network monitoring through gurusentry.

Vulnerability assets are more in depth than the endpoint indicators and will be done quarterly. These assessments cover internal vulnerabilities, external vulnerabilities, and a scan of internal sensitive data.

Security awareness training is the last piece of the puzzle. Employees are trained on how to keep machines in working order and how to detect any possible threats.

With these three main objectives, clients will be compliant with Cyber Liability Insurance policies. gurusentry is the next layer of security that will keep clients safe and secure. And, feel free to contact us any time to discuss IT for the Financial Services industry.

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