Onboarding Process


A Painless Process to Better Tech


GadellNet recognizes that the process of changing IT providers is scary for small business owners. GadellNet has mastered the people, process, and technology required to efficiently and effectively onboard new managed services clients. This onboarding process can be done in as short as a day or as long as 30 days.

We pride ourselves on our one-weekend onboarding. What does that mean?

After we have gotten to know you and your systems a little better, we go in over a weekend and switch everything over that we need to. Come Monday morning we have a meeting with your entire staff to get things kicked off. We will go over how to work with us and what we can do for you. Then we go around to everyone at your office and see if they need any help. Help with something new, help with an issue that is recurring, or any other tech related problem.

From there we are ready to go. Anything else we need to do for you from there is done behind the scenes.

The goal is a seamless transition for the users and starting the relationship with the trust
and knowledge to support your important resources.