Meraki Consulting


Meraki offer cloud networking. Cloud networking provides a central location for management, visibility, and control of a network without the cost and complexity of controller appliances or overlay management. What’s that mean? You get a flexible network with much less complication.

As Meraki consultants, we are experts on the ways Meraki can improve your operation. Cloud networking architecture is built with management in mind.

Benefits Include:
  • Rapid deployment
  • Control applications
  • Multi-site management built in
  • Automatic monitoring and alerts
  • Continuously updating

GadellNet offers solutions achievable for small businesses on a budget. With the peace of mind it will provide you and your customers, the protection it will provide your data, and the flexibility you need, your business will be in better shape than it has ever been before.

With GadellNet, you harness the power of a unique blend of CIO business talent. On top of simple  IT execution through our IT help desk and managed services model, you get strategy, solutions, and efficiency.  And we stay connected, dedicated, and 100% engaged throughout the problem-solving process at a flat monthly fee.

We proudly serve clients in St. Louis, Indianapolis, and Carmel, Indiana.