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By Lauren Stacye, GadellNet Tech Blogger, Marketing Guru and Communications Manager

There has been a lot of buzz on Managed Service Providers (MSP’s) in the past few years.  In case you’re unfamiliar with this, a  MSP is a service provider that manages and assumes responsibility for providing certain services to their clients. While a large  amount of these services are centered around IT, MSP’s can also include HR, production support, and lifecycle build/maintenance activities. Both small and large businesses alike are partnering with MSP’s, but small businesses are the  ones who stand to gain the most. Why?

Cost Savings

Outsourcing IT, first and foremost, saves money. For a small business, a few salaries have a much larger impact on not only the company’s books, but also their abilities to provide goods/services at competitive prices. Generally speaking, MSP’s price their services as a monthly subscription, usually with varying levels based on the client’s specific support needs- this enables customers to more accurately budget their IT costs.


An equally important benefit of MSP’s is the value they bring to their customers in terms of experience and expertise.  Having an in-house IT team or department limits a business to just their employee’s or team of employees’ skills and knowledge, and also requires extra work on their end to stay up-to-date on technology- this could result in business operations running below optimal levels, or could even severely damage operations. With MSP’s, business benefit from and have access to a large team of experienced and skilled IT professionals.

Peace of Mind

Arguably, the most important benefit of MSP’s is the peace of mind they provide to customers. Whether or not a business chooses to completely outsource their IT Department or offloads a significant portion, the IT responsibilities are aptly transferred to the MSP… leaving businesses with the ability to operate without all the IT hassles.

Being a small business ourselves, we at GadellNet truly understand the value of managed services- the partnerships we’ve formed with other organizations have saved us substantial overhead costs and allowed us to focus our attentions and skills on what we do best: providing accessible IT solutions. And also because we’re a small business who understands the value of MSP’s from a customer’s perspective, as well as an MSP, we strive to deliver the best and most effective solutions to our clients in St. Louis and Indianapolis.

Whatever your business needs are, we encourage you to explore managed services if you haven’t already. It can seem like a daunting decision so don’t be afraid to ask questions! And if you’re interested in learning more about GadellNet’s service options, our sales support team is just a call or click away.

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