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Kallie Marley Kallie Marley Marketing and Communications Leader Linkedin Link

Kallie joined us in March 2015 right after obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Media Studies from Indiana University-Purdue University of Indianapolis. Kallie handles all marketing functions for GadellNet. Even though Kallie does not have a technical background, she has grown up in a family that does. Her parents even put up their own internet tower to help those that live in rural areas near their home receive internet service.

What is your favorite GNET job perk?
My favorite job perk is the flexibility. I have been able to work hours that are convenient for me and be productive when I feel most productive. Our leadership understands the importance of work-life balance and strive to meet the needs of their employees. Bringing my dog to work with me most days isn’t bad either.

How would you describe GNET’s culture?
Everyone has a great sense of humor to go along with their great work ethic and it makes it a very balanced culture. Building relationships with co-workers has been a breeze. Our culture is vibrant and fresh.

What impresses you about GNET?
I am impressed at our ability to grow. We have this ability because everyone in the organization is motivated to see GadellNet thrive. Each person here knows they play a key role in getting our company to the next step and each person takes this responsibility seriously. It is impressive to see so many people rally behind a brand they believe in.

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