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Mike Garvey Mike Garvey Application Consulting Lead Linkedin Link

Why did you join GadellNet?
I had the interesting experience of joining GadellNet by way of a business acquisition. During the process we were looking for a home for our clients, somewhere that would provide the same or better care than we could. We shared many overlapping values, but it was chiefly having the best interest of the client at heart that made this an ideal arrangement. It couldn’t have been a smoother transition.

What is your favorite GNET job perk?
Without question the take home squad car. Kidding…it’s flexibility. I can work from anywhere if I need to!

Why do you love GadellNet?
I love the team effort here. We face challenging problems daily and there is always someone willing to help if you’re struggling to find the solution.

How would you describe GNet’s culture?
Always in motion. Fast-paced and wanting everyone to reach their full potential.

What impresses you about GadellNet?
The willingness to be fluid and change direction if it is best for the clients or team.

Describe GadellNet in one word:

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