Skype for Business

VoIP as it should be.

What is Skype Voice?

Skype Voice is a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) system available through Microsoft. Internet telephony, like Skype Voice is an alertnative way to approach phones for business. This system cuts costs, has added features.

As a Microsoft partner, GadellNet can deploy the top VoIP platform for your small business, Skype for Business voice. Use Skype to call colleagues, Skype users, and phone numbers around the world. Using the internet to make and receive your calls allows you to integrate your phone service into your Office 365 suite. Not to worry, cell phones and traditional phones can make and receive calls from your Skype VoIP.

What can Skype phones do for you?

  • Person-to-person calling
  • Conference calls
  • Video calls
  • Dial by name, from Office
  • Skype connectivity
  • Access anywhere
  • Voicemail
  • Encryption by default
  • Cloud connectivity