Thought Leadership

GadellNet Achieves Clio Certified Consultant Status

May 28, 2013

GadellNet recently became Clio certified! The application, which was created in tandem with the Bar Associations and Law Societies across America, is a program which was created as an easy and functional web-based legal practice management system.  As part of the Clio Certified Consultant Program, GadellNet is now an expert at empoweringfuture clients to be able to use Clio as a cloud-based alternate option to the typical client-server practice management systems. We are now knowledgeable in [...]

GadellNet Works with Client to Donate PCs to Ugandan Orphanage

May 16, 2013

GadellNet and one of their managed services client, Browning Investments, in Indianapolis - paired together to donate gently used laptops to a small orphanage in Uganda. Many of these kids had never seen a laptop before and this is an incredible way to help improve their lives through technology. [...]