Thought Leadership

BI is Critical for Small Business- How to Get the Right Intelligence

January 21, 2014

Business intelligence is quite the buzzword these days, especially when it comes to big data and enterprise level organizations.  However, small businesses also produce a lot of data and without analytics, they lack the abilities to understand what their true ROI is, what efforts are/aren’t working and ultimately how to run a business that will achieve or continue to be successful. Some of the challenges small businesses are facing when diving into BI are not knowing where to look, finding [...]

Mobility & Business- 5 Best Practices for Mobile Security Policies

January 14, 2014

Mobile technologies have transformed the way we live and how we do business- in a fantastic way! Mobility has given businesses and employees the gift of flexibility, increased communication and faster results, among other benefits. However, cyber criminals have caught on to our growing use of mobile devices and have begun working hard to exploit the vulnerabilities. Android has been the main focus for cyber criminals as they have the largest market share… as a result, over 90% of threats ta [...]

What Can Snapchat’s Lack of Cyber Security Teach Business Owners?

January 3, 2014

By Lauren Stacye, GadellNet Tech Blogger, Marketing Guru and Communications Manager Hackers have done it again! In case you haven’t heard, Snapchat was recently hacked which resulted in 4.6 million users names and phone numbers being publically posted.  However, unlike the also recent Target security breach, hacktivists were the culprits and opted to post only partial phone numbers… they did this to call attention to the significant and known vulnerabilities of Snapchat’s security, n [...]