Thought Leadership

The GadellNet Top 10: Green Trends to Watch

May 27, 2015

Going Green isn’t exactly a new concept. It has even had a few different aliases. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Clean Energy. Environmentally Friendly. Eco-Friendly. Only you can prevent forest fires.. Okay, maybe that last one was a little further off. The point is, over the years lots of industries have tried to put going green in vogue. The tech industry has a fighting chance because the innovations and advancement made in the tech industry can have a real impact on our planet. 1. Green Energy & [...]

25 Fastest-Growing Companies Award

May 21, 2015

The St. Louis Business Journal Names GadellNet  in 25 Fastest-Growing Companies of 2015. May 20, 2015: GadellNet has appeared on The St. Louis Business Journal’s annual 25 Fastest-Growing Companies of 2015. This is the second year in a row GadellNet has received this distinguished award from The Business Journal. According to The Business Journal, “These awards recognize locally-based, independent, privately-held businesses (not a subsidiary, division or franchise) with a three-year sal [...]

Going Green made Simple for the IT Industry

Throughout the history of the IT infrastructure, the primary focus has been on the technology:  bigger, better, faster, more reliable.  While this is still the case and always will be to a large degree, another driving factor for IT professionals, hardware manufacturers, and software engineers is “thinking green”.    What does it mean to think green?  Thinking green is simply protecting the environment.  You might ask how this correlates to the IT industry?  Let me share some alarmin [...]

The GadellNet Top 10: Tech Tools for the Classroom

May 13, 2015

Technology is a big part of our everyday lives and it is changing the way technology is used and viewed in the classroom. Chalkboards have been replaced with iProjectors and playing Oregon Trail in the library is a thing of the past. In a school where once an iPad would have been confiscated, now they are standard issue for kindergartners. Students aren’t the only ones with access to new technology, teachers have many tools to their disposal to make their days easier so they can focus on what [...]

The GadellNet Top 10: Disaster Recovery

May 7, 2015

Creating a disaster plan can seem like something easy to put off. It takes a lot of time and surely your company won’t fall victim, will it? Without a disaster recovery plan, you are taking a huge risk. Even small disasters, such as a burst pipe, can be the beginning of the end for small businesses. According to Contingency Planning and Management Magazine, 40% of companies experiencing a data disaster failed with 36 months 1. How Often do Crashes Happen? 140,000 hard drives crash in the U.S [...]