Thought Leadership

The GadellNet Top 10: Total Cost of Ownership

June 24, 2015

Technology costs are becoming a bigger part of companies’ budgets. The rising costs of tech attributes to this, but the demand for integrating technology into all parts of your business are what make these costs unavoidable. Many companies need to update employee computers, but what will this actually cost you? Over the entire life of the device, you may be surprised at just how big that number is. Understanding hidden technology costs can help you to make smart IT decisions. GadellNet has com [...]

Process Changes

Two process changes are being introduced in the coming weeks as part of your managed service contract. Our goal is to minimize disruption and downtime. The first change being made is a new remote assistance tool and the other is additional scheduled maintenance time. We have outlined the information you need to know and hope to answer any questions you may have. New Remote Assistance Tool GadellNet is in the process to replace our long-time remote assistance utility, TeamViewer. The current ve [...]

The GadellNet Top 10: UAVs in Construction

June 17, 2015

Aviation technology is an ever-advancing field. From the first flight of the Wright brothers in 1903, we have come up with many useful ways to employ aircrafts. Combat, surveillance, farming, and commercial flight have been some of the uses and now construction joins the ranks with UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles). Drones, as they are commonly referred to, have broken out as an invaluable asset in the construction industry. Here are 10 uses and facts GadellNet has compiled about UAV in construct [...]

The GadellNet Top 10: Big Data

June 10, 2015

  With help from modern technology, we have started connecting everything. From our mobile devices we can control the lightbulbs and temperature in our homes and see just how many calories we have burned today. All of these connection have data attached to them and all of this data goes somewhere, but it’s too much to be stored just anywhere. On-hand databases don’t have the ability to compute all of this data- making it big data. The official definition of big data according to t [...]

The GadellNet Top 10: Prospecting and Sales Tools

June 3, 2015

  The world of sales looks very different than it once did. No longer do we see men in suits pulling up to our homes in station wagons to sell us a new vacuum. Although this used to be an effective way to get product out the door, what worked in yesteryear doesn’t work anymore. Technology has revolutionized sales like it has revolutionized many aspects of our daily lives. Prospecting and sales tools have become commonplace in business and GadellNet has summarized the cream of the crop. [...]