Thought Leadership

The GadellNet Top 10: Why being a Tech-Savvy CEO is good for business

June 22, 2016

Being a CEO takes more than just business savvy and leadership skills. As a CEO, you are responsible for the wellbeing of an entire organization- today that means staying on top of technology. Figuring out what is just a trend and what can set your company apart from the competition is no easy task. We have come up with 10 reasons why it is important to be tech-savvy as a CEO.   Understand Operational Impact Technology has a huge impact on a company’s operations and understandi [...]

Triple Sight in Construction Technology

June 16, 2016

This week, our construction specialist, Adam Bundren, spoke to the Indiana Subcontractors Association about applications to improve your construction operations through applications and integration. As a construction specialist working in the technology industry, Adam realizes the potential tech has to transform the construction industry. To help others best understand how technology in construction has evolved, and therefore where it can lead in respect to app integration, business intelligence [...]

6 EdTech Trends to Consider before School Starts

June 15, 2016

Summer vacation might be in full swing but we know many educators aren’t taking a break. Many are continuing their education, preparing for the upcoming year, and making sure the school as a whole is ready to take on all of its students in today’s tech-driven classroom. GadllNet has identified 6 tech-related trends to consider before the new school year starts. Cyber Security A cyber security audit is a good way to get a baseline of the protection you currently have. These audits are des [...]

EdTech Lunch and Learn

School may not be in session, but educators are still learning about how to implement technology to better their schools. GadellNet hosted our first Educational Technology Lunch and Learn for our partner schools recently and we were pleased with the turnout and engagement. We visited with principals, operations managers, and technology leaders to cover topics including cyber security and the future of technology in the classroom. When it comes to cyber security, school leaders highlighted con [...]

GadellNet Donates 100+ Computers

June 1, 2016

At GadellNet, we believe technology has the power to transform lives. Beyond business best practices, people can be impacted greatly by technology. In the St. Louis area, GadellNet employees noticed there was a large population who did not have access to technology. We set out to make a difference in the lives of those who could not otherwise afford a computer. Giving them oppotunities through technology has been a real pleasure. GadellNet donated over 123 computers to those in need in the St [...]

Hamilton County Technology Exchange

The Hamilton County Technology Exchange is a non-profit organization created by professionals in the technology field who saw a need in our community. Their target is individuals who live above the federal poverty line but still fall below the basic cost of living. These individuals are oftentimes overlooked when it comes to traditional aid, but struggle to propel themselves forward without basic technology which usually cannot be afforded in their income bracket. The HCLA wants to provide them [...]