Thought Leadership

The GadellNet Top 10: Things CEOs should not do

July 20, 2016

Many small businesses have CEOs and other employees who wear many hats. As a CEO, your plate is full with your daily tasks and strategic decision making. You can’t take it all on, and you shouldn’t. Letting someone else in your company take some of these tasks on, or even outsourcing, can make you a much more efficient and effective leader. Although outsourcing has a bad wrap, it can actually help you grow your business. When we say outsource, we don’t mean to a foreign company, we m [...]

Security Update: Android Users Beware

July 13, 2016

Hummer is rapidly becoming the biggest malware threat across the world targeting Andriod users. This virus has infected 1.2 million devices so far. With numbers like this, Hummer is likely the biggest Trojan family ever. Security researchers, like Cheeta Mobile Security Research Lab, have recently issued warning because this Trojan family has already made a huge impact on Android users and is continuing to grow. This Trojan takes hold by installing malware and unwanted apps to your device witho [...]

Choosing a Managed Service Provider: 10 Questions to Ask

July 8, 2016

The decision has been made. You’re going to outsource all or part of your IT functions to a Managed Service Provider. You’ve approached several vendors, looked at their site, maybe even had a short conversation with a sales rep. Now it’s time to narrow down the options. But that can be a time consuming and confusing task. You’re about to invest in a business-critical function, but you aren’t sure who is full of potential and who is just full of it. Finding a Managed Service Provider wh [...]

The GadellNet Top 10: Wifi Speed

July 7, 2016

We all depend heavily on the internet and now that means wifi. We use it at home, we use it at work, we use it when we go get some coffee. Being connected is a big part of our success and when your internet connection is slow, it can feel like absolute torture. Here are 10 easy ways to speed up your wifi and stay connected. Reset the router If your internet is running abnormally slow, reset your router. Turn it off for 10 seconds or so and then plug it back in. This will reset the rou [...]

Drew McAllister Earns the Certified Education Technology Leader Designation

July 1, 2016

Drew McAllister, Education Technology Architect of GadellNet Technology Solutions recently, earned the Certified Education Technology Leader (CETL) designation by passing a rigorous certification exam. “The engineers and consultants at GadellNet have decades of collective technology experience in education, both in the K12 and higher education environments.  As we have shepherded schools with technology planning and project completion, I’ve seen the principles outlined in the CETL applie [...]