Thought Leadership

Personality Testing, a CEO’s Perspective

August 31, 2016

We take a lot of pride in our hiring process and set out to find the person who has both the technical skills and the personality to fit our team.  Finding the right blend of empathy and analytical skills, especially in the IT space, is daunting and overwhelming.  Talented technology professionals don’t always have the people skills that we are looking for, and the most charming of individuals often don’t have the ability to see root cause when tackling complex technology issues. When hiri [...]

Security Update: Small Businesses and Network Monitoring

August 23, 2016

Small businesses are unique as they are usually trying very hard to balance growth opportunities while spending just enough on the essentials to stay in business. Keeping this in mind, small businesses cannot afford to avoid network security monitoring. Why is network security monitoring essential to keeping a small business in the back? Network monitoring is a system that makes sure the network is continually monitored to make sure all is well – no data breaches, no unauthorized access, [...]

4 years on Inc. 5000, a CEO’s Perspective

August 17, 2016

6 years ago, Tom Stemm, one of the other owners of GadellNet, encouraged me to leave my position at Ingersoll Rand and join the ranks of GadellNet.  I respected Tom’s intellect, and heard rumors of Joe Gadell’s ability to solve any IT problem in the world – so the decision was easy. Three weeks later, I was sitting in the offices of our first managed services client.  They were a 20 person, fast growing company with Inc. 5000 plaques covering their walls (they are now over 90 people). [...]

How Millennials are Shaping Small Business

August 11, 2016

Scroll through your LinkedIn feed and you are bound to come across any number of articles about millennials. How they work differently, how they think differently, how to harness their tech-savvy, why they’re great, why they’re awful… the list goes on and on. What’s it all mean for your small business? There is a lot of talk about how Millennials are impacting today’s business world. They care about issues facing the world today, they care about work-life balance, they care about [...]

The GadellNet Top 10: HIPAA Compliance

August 3, 2016

For businesses that deal with protected heath information, HIPAA compliance is a huge priority. The rules and regulations are extensive, complicated, and strictly enforced. HIPAA is, of course, meant to protect patients and this task has become increasingly complicated as technology has evolved. The HIPAA Security Rule deals specifically with national security standards to protect any health data that is stored, created, shared, or maintained electronically. If the data you are responsible fo [...]