Thought Leadership

GadellNet’s 2016 Top 10

December 13, 2016

Every year, GadellNet hosts a Christmas party for our entire company in St. Louis near our headquarters. The first year we decided to have a Christmas party, there were three people in attendance. This year, with employees and spouses, we had more than 90 people attend. It was a great night of celebrating another great year. It was also a time to reflect on how far we have come. GadellNet started as one man who dreamed of coming up with an IT company that made an impact and now we support 55 [...]

7 Email Fraud Red Flags

December 7, 2016

Email scams are far from a thing of the past. When someone sends an illegitimate email it is called social engineering. Many times, these social engineering cons rely on your willingness to be helpful. These emails can be crafted to look like they are from a coworker or even the CEO and the email convinces you they need help with an urgent problem without you even realizing the email red flags. Unfortunately, this tactic works too well. Millions of dollars every year are lost by businesses [...]