Thought Leadership

Alert Fatigue – Finding the Signal in the Noise

July 31, 2017

Last week, we talked about vendor sprawl, and a landscape of increasing complexity in number of tools and capabilities. Many IT departments and service providers are using a suite of tools designed to detect and alarm on suspicious network and server activities. The increase in toolsets creates an exponential increase in alert fatigue and actions to be followed up on. The Promise Most solution vendors promote their product’s ability to cut through the noise, but many times they fail to menti [...]

GadellNet Expands with New Carmel Office

JULY 31, 2017, CARMEL, Ind. – GadellNet Technology Solutions is proud to announce their Indianapolis team has moved into a new office in Carmel, Indiana. This new office is located off Carmel Drive and Keystone Ave. Answering the demand for flexible workspace, this is the second office GadellNet has opened in the last two and a half years. This uniquely designed, tech-driven space features private offices, open air workspace, collaboration rooms, a gym, two kitchens and a veranda with conve [...]

How Business Intelligence Contributes to Profitability and Resource Allocation in Construction

July 24, 2017

There was a day when the only profit driver in construction was efficiency in the field. With advanced technology, that has all changed. Now, profitability relies more on integration and less on field efficiency. Why? Because corporate efficiency and resource allocation are playing larger roles in the bottom line. Integration isn’t just a great value-add anymore, integration has become a core requirement for construction firms. Business intelligence allows a construction firm to analyze eac [...]

Vendor Sprawl and Inflated Promises in Cyber Security

July 19, 2017

What is Vendor Sprawl? The cyber security space is experiencing vendor sprawl and inflated promises. This has a detrimental impact on small to mid-sized businesses. There are several factors that contribute to this environment, but more importantly, it leaves small to mid-sized business leadership overwhelmed and with many questions that need to be answered. Before we can dive into that, it's important to understand what vendor sprawl is. You may have heard of data sprawl before, which is the co [...]

How to Spot Fake News

July 18, 2017

Fake news is starting to run rampant through social media and the internet. Every time I scroll through Facebook, Twitter, or even Snapchat, I find fake news. Being able to distinguish between fake news and real news can be difficult. There have been times when I was sure a headline was just too crazy to be real, but it was shared by my local news station and ending up being a legitimate story. Both Google and Facebook have begun to crack down on false and misleading news but they haven’t been [...]

CEO’s Perspective: Nick’s Must-Have Tech Hacks for Summer

Hydro Flask I’m a runner and a biker. I don’t take my water bottles lightly. The Hydro Flask is the perfect, portable, vacuum insulated flask. I appreciate the soft strap and the sturdy construction. You can easily personalize your Hydro Flask and make it your own with different sizes and color combinations.  This isn’t just an attractive water bottle, either. It gets the job done. You don’t have to be a hardcore athlete to appreciate keeping your cold stuff cold, however. [...]

Adopting a Mobile Jobsite in 4 Steps

July 6, 2017

Mobility has transformed the construction industry. Mobile worksites have become an integral part of a firm’s operation through jobsites powered by mobile devices and integrated platforms. Construction, although one of the nation’s largest industries, has been slow to adopt the latest and greatest tech available. In order to take on larger projects and to perform at the highest levels of satisfaction for your customers, technology, and specifically mobility, is essential. Although we are fee [...]