Thought Leadership

2017 Award Winners

December 14, 2017

Each year at GadellNet, we award a few of our employees with some special honors. These awards are peer-voted and with as many exceptional employees as we have, it can be tough to choose the winners. Our awards include the following: Ownership Award, Make an Impact Award, Most Improved, Transformer Award, Best Attitude Award, Sharpen the Saw Award, The New Blue aka the Rookie of the Year Award, and finally the True Blue Award. These eight individuals are honored during our annual Holiday party. [...]

10 LinkedIn Influencers for Small Business Executives

December 13, 2017

As a small business owner and CEO, I am continuously trying to learn and stay informed. A great way I’ve found to do that is to login to LinkedIn in the morning and catch up with some of the top influencers. I have about 10 favorites that I wanted to share with you. 1. James Altucher He wrote Choose Yourself and is one of the top 10 LinkedIn influencers. He has an entrepreneur spirit that I enjoy. His posts about contributing to each other’s success is a refresher for me on being a tea [...]