Thought Leadership

Three Tips to Use Technology to Keep Your Culture Alive

January 30, 2018

So, you’ve got a pretty great thing going with your culture. You were intentional. You’ve hired people who have the skills and the personality to fit in well at your organization. The non-traditional benefits and flexibility have created trust and a relaxed atmosphere where employees feel the freedom to have a little fun at work. You have a mission statement with supporting values and you expect your employees to value these as well. As you grow and over time, you may find it’s hard to ke [...]

Microsoft Outlook Polls

January 24, 2018

Did you know you can create polls in email messages and review the results? Creating a poll in Microsoft Outlook is easy and can get you the information you need quickly. Voting buttons are included in the email and the results can be automatically tabulated or you can export the results into an excel file. Sending out a poll can help you do anything from deciding on a place to have your happy hour to choosing a company catchphrase or getting feedback from customers on their satisfaction or a [...]

What You Stand To Gain From Business Intelligence

January 15, 2018

Business Intelligence tools take your big data and make sense of it. Reporting and dashboards that help leaders make the right decisions can give organizations the upper hand as compared to their competition. But as an end user, what do you actually stand to gain? Time. One of our clients, let’s call them Modbells, needed to get a little time back. In particular, they had one employee who spent four-five hours each and every Friday on manually pulling together reports for a meeting on Monday [...]

4 Tech Trends Sweeping Small Businesses in 2018

January 12, 2018

As 2018 takes off for small businesses, the tech landscape is evolving more rapidly than ever before. If tech investment hasn’t yet been on the top of your list, 2018 will be the year you take a closer look at what tech it takes to win in your space. We have narrowed it down to the 3 tech trends that are going to be important for small businesses in 2018. Cyber Security Yes, staying secure is still at the top of our list. 71% of cyber attacks target small businesses and if those attacks are su [...]

4 Tips to Get Started with Business Intelligence

January 9, 2018

Business Intelligence or BI is a practice that empowers small businesses to make better decisions by tracking, processing, storing, and analyzing data to turn it into insights.  It almost sounds too good to be true, but today we track and store huge amounts of data. If applied correctly it can serve a very important purpose in your company. Getting lost in the data is an easy thing to do, but with the proper BI toolset you don’t have to worry about analyzing it all yourself. Dashboards are cr [...]

How To Win When Your Market Thinks You’re a Commodity

January 5, 2018

Recently, I was a guest speaker on Brian Burn’s podcast, “The B2B Revenue Leadership Show.” Brian’s podcast focuses in on small business sales and, like his other podcast, “The Brutal Truth About Sales and Selling,” sheds light on what you need to win in today’s tech-driven marketplace. I had a great time discussing some of our ins-and-outs with Brian on this podcast, How to Win When Your Market Thinks You’re a Commodity. We talked about sustaining growth through more than jus [...]

Security Notice: CPU Hardware Vulnerability

As many of you may have seen in the media yesterday or this morning, news has broken of another significant technology-related security concern - CPU architecture flaws dubbed Spectre and Meltdown. As with similar prior events, our team has been monitoring the information coming from a variety of sources, assessing the risk, and preparing next steps. What we know: Flaws in the design of modern computer processors (also called chips, or CPUs) make a wide range of hardware susceptible to several [...]

5 Reasons You Need Network Monitoring

January 2, 2018

Your network is comprised of your routers, switches, virtual servers, wireless devices, and applications. Your network technology is all linked together to create your tech environment. This network requires constant monitoring to ensure your critical devices are never down, which could mean lost productivity and end-user dissatisfaction. Monitoring your network means keeping tabs on your network 24/7 and having alerts when something is amiss so your network can get back to business as usual in [...]