Thought Leadership

Strategic IT Consultant

May 23, 2018

Something that sets GadellNet apart as a Managed Service Provider is that we offer our clients strategic consulting services. Our strategic consulting services are built around customer needs. We find the technologies and processes that will increase a client’s productivity or output by 20% in 3-5 years; then we implement them. This isn’t just an add-on responsibility of someone else on the team; we have Strategic IT Consultants at GadellNet who are creative, talented, tech-savvy individuals [...]

General Data Protection Regulation: What you Need to Know

Who does GDPR apply to? The GDPR applies to all businesses that have: Personnel in business locations of any type (e.g., office, manufacturing plant or distribution center) in the European Union Employees, contractors, consumers, customers, patients or other people who are citizens of, located within or currently traveling through the European Union Processing that includes some type of monitoring of individuals within, or who are citizens of, the European Union Goods and/or servi [...]

Three Areas Business Intelligence Aides Human Resources

May 17, 2018

Business Intelligence is a revolutionary tool for businesses. BI gives organizations the ability to look deeper into their data, connecting information that was once disparate. Obvious areas to apply Business Intelligence include accounting, operations, even marketing. The Human Resources department has a lot to gain from BI, too, and in the long run applying BI to HR can amount to huge cost savings.   Hiring the Right Person the First Time It costs a lot to hire someone. It cost [...]

GadellNet Becomes Conscious Capitalism Member

May 14, 2018

GadellNet, a top Managed Services and Cyber Security provider in the Midwest, is proud to announce they are now a member and sponsor of the Conscious Capitalism Chapter of Indianapolis. Conscious Capitalism is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to elevating humanity through business. Conscious Capitalism is a way of thinking about capitalism and business that better reflects where we are in the human journey, the state of our world today, and the innate potential of business to [...]

Systems Engineer

May 7, 2018

GadellNet employs several Systems Engineers. These tech pros are here to ensure proper computer operations so an end user can accomplish their tasks. They often act as the escalation point for our Service Desk Engineers for the more complicated, involved issues. Because they often work on some of the more involved issues, our Systems Engineers can be found in the office, helping people remotely or in a client’s office, lending a little hands-on help. Systems Engineers often work with desktop [...]

Cyber Security: the Why and How for Small Business

May 1, 2018

If you’re like 71% of small business leaders, you may feel vulnerable to a cyber attack. According to a study done by Microsoft, the biggest concerns for small to mid-sized business leaders are phishing schemes, compromised passwords, ransomware, and sensitive information being leaked by an employee. With the way cyber criminals have been working, your concerns are well-placed. Both ransomware and phishing schemes have rapidly grown over the last three years. These attacks haven’t doubled or [...]