Thought Leadership

Chad Nelson: Top 10

July 31, 2020

To celebrate Chad Nelson’s tenth anniversary with GadellNet, we decided to put a top 10 together all about Chad. He brings so much to the table and we honestly don’t know where we would be without his technical expertise and his awesome attitude. Work Ethic Chad's work ethic is incredible. He keeps the customer in mind when he works through a problem and fever loses site of getting the customer up and running. His priorities are always customer-centric. He is always willing to go abo [...]

5 Features to Consider When Choosing Your Personal Laptop

July 30, 2020

Between staying home more often during the COVID-19 pandemic and schools starting back up in various ways, you might be one of many people on the hunt for a new personal laptop. The market is saturated with options. It can be hard to wade through the many features and benefits and understand what would be the best laptop for you. First of all, as you look through the features, you need to keep in mind how you will use this laptop. For instance, if you're not a gamer, you won't need the best [...]

Zero Excuses: There is time for learning

012: There is time for learning | Tracy Hutton One of the largest real estate companies in Indianapolis is Century 21 Scheetz. And it’s run by CEO and Co-owner, Tracy Hutton. Tracy is the mother of two grown children, an influential leader fighting for the homeless community, and a fierce advocate for young girls.Growing up she didn’t have a role model for what it looked like to be a mother with a career. Yet, through a strong support network, the partnership of her business mentor, Mick [...]

Five Lessons Learned in Ten Years at GadellNet

July 21, 2020

This month, I hit a milestone at GadellNet. I have now been part of this organization for a decade. The growth we've experienced in that time has been incredible and the relationships I have created through this organization have been life-changing. Looking back over the last ten years has brought a lot into focus for me. I was inspired by a top 10 tribute that my team put together, and I wanted to share some of the biggest lessons I have learned over the last ten years.  Thank you for being a [...]

Zero Excuses: There is time for the three B’s

July 16, 2020

011: There is time for the three B’s | Norris Cunningham Norris Cunningham serves on the board of directors of the Defense Trial Counsel of Indiana, is co-founder of Cattycorner Cunningham, a well-known attorney and an advocate for diversity initiatives across Indianapolis. Outside of all this, he's passionate about bringing more persons of color into the legal community.  In our conversation, Norris shares how his career in the military and the education he’s received has inspir [...]