Thought Leadership

Zero Excuses: Season of Giving

November 20, 2020

Every year, through the holiday season, GadellNet has been dedicated to giving back to the community. We have done so through many of the traditional channels you may be able to guess – food drives, adopting a family to purchase gifts for, charity runs, and the like.  This year, as we’ve become a certified B Corporation, we’ve become even more dedicated to finding ways to give back to the community.  GadellNet recently kicked off a 60-day campaign called Season of Giving. [...]

Zero Excuses: There is time to start difficult things

November 19, 2020

There is time to start difficult things | Tiffany Sauder Tiffany Sauder is the President of Indianapolis-based marketing firm Element Three. She took over as President at age 24 and since then has grown the agency into a six-time Inc 5,000 Fastest Growing Company. She's been a Top 40 Under 40, and is well-known as a talented keynote speaker contributing to Harvard Business Review and Harris School of Art and Design. Most importantly, she's raising four daughters with her husband JR. How d [...]

Zero Excuses: There is time to plan

November 5, 2020

Jason Wuerfel is the founder of Books and Brews, an Indianapolis-based bookstore-brewery mashup. He is also the CEO of Rad Brewing and Bookworm Media Company. He’s even taught himself carpentry and built most of the furniture in his stores.  Jason is a master of making the most out of every opportunity, whether it’s launching a new business or pursuing a hobby. How does he do it? He makes Zero Excuses. In this conversation, you’ll hear how Jason’s love for books and business [...]