4 years on Inc. 5000, a CEO’s Perspective

August 17, 2016

6 years ago, Tom Stemm, one of the other owners of GadellNet, encouraged me to leave my position at Ingersoll Rand and join the ranks of GadellNet.  I respected Tom’s intellect, and heard rumors of Joe Gadell’s ability to solve any IT problem in the world – so the decision was easy.

Three weeks later, I was sitting in the offices of our first managed services client.  They were a 20 person, fast growing company with Inc. 5000 plaques covering their walls (they are now over 90 people).  I idolized their team’s leadership in helping navigate a company through that kind of growth.

2 years later, we were receiving our first Inc. 5000 award, and we were just awarded our 4th in a row.  This puts us in the top 0.0004% of companies in the US. Winning 4 in a row is a testament of our focus on people:

  • We learned how to hire: 5 different interviews, skills assessments and personality tests all help provide subjective and objective data on our hiring decisions
  • We learned how to put clients first: We are far from perfect, but we handle mistakes with a “client first” approach and work tirelessly to ensure we learn from those errors. Our people know that when the client comes first, business goals will follow.  It’s an easy way for our team to prioritize their activities for the day.
  • We learned how to retain – with a 96% employee retention rate – we can enthusiastically spend money on training, development, technical skills, and leadership with the knowledge that our people will be around in the years to come to serve our clients.

We just celebrated our 13th birthday at GadellNet, and days like today, when we are awarded for our growth and industry excellence, we as a company reminisce about how far we have come. From one man with a few clients to 3 branch offices, nearly 50 employees, and growth awards is an incredible feat to accomplish in 13 years.

As we continue to grow and change with the industry, we plan to bring our clients along for the ride. This year we launched our Security Services, Business Intelligence and Application integration departments – ensuring our clients stay ahead of the curve with transformational technology options.  We continue to stay nimble for our clients’ benefit

Thank you to our clients who make what we do possible.

Thank you to our employees for your ambition and belief in our company.

And most important, thank you to my wife and 3 children – who have provided a daily reminder that people make all the difference in the world and people are why we have the privilege of being business owners.