Calling in a Service Request just got better

September 14, 2015
When you call in a service request, you most likely leave a voicemail and on of our Service Desk Engineers gets back to you in a timely manner based on the level of your service request.
GadellNet is introducing queuing to our phone systems, which betters your chances of talking to a Service Desk Engineer the first time around.
What used to happen: 
  • the phone rings a few times
  • you leave a voicemail with your name, number, and details about your service request
  • a member of the team calls you back and assists you
What happens now: 
  • the phone rings
  • you will be prompted to punch in a number coordinating with your
  • you are directed to the right team
  • if they are busy and unable to answer, you will be forwarded to the next team
  • if all else fails, you leave a voicemail and we get back to you, as usual

Just another way GadellNet is making sure our clients and partners are taken care of in the best and most efficient way possible.