Recruiting Firm Streamlines Business Intelligence Capabilities

About the Firm

A top US recruiting firm wanted to modernize their Executive and Operational reporting.  Their current process involved custom reports provided by a third-party SaaS provider, which was expensive and had a long lead time for delivery.   Drawing insights out of the reporting often required manual workarounds to move data from system to system and into a useable format. The internal team spent an oversized amount of time each week compiling and distributing reports and insights, all of which contained data points which were 7-10 days old by the time it was received.

Because there were no 3rd party tools on the market with native integrations to the firm’s core applications, GadellNet built an ETL process to extract data and load it to an Azure SQL database. This integration app is executed multiple times per day so reports always display the latest information. Because the client is an Office 365 E5 subscriber, Power BI was already included with their current licensing. Leveraging Power BI allowed us to implement powerful data visualization, while also providing reporting access to end users at no additional licensing cost.


The firm’s legacy BI tool provided canned insights and did not offer the flexibility required to expand reporting.  It was clear that business needs had outgrown their current Business Intelligence process and they were at risk of falling behind the competition. The firm partnered with the GadellNet Strategic Services team and tasked us to develop a platform that addressed these problems and bolstered their competitive edge.

  • Architect a modern analytics solution
  • Automate reporting processes via ETL development
  • Provide business insights not possible via outdated reporting tools
  • Make data accessible to end users anytime, anywhere

GadellNet worked with the client to define all critical data requirements. The following solution was implemented:

  • ETL process leveraging API integration with two of the firm’s critical applications
  • Azure SQL database for data storage and modeling
  • Power BI for data modeling and visualization
Impact Made

GadellNet’s objective view of the firm’s legacy reporting during the discovery phase was the unsung hero of this project. Working together with the client, we reviewed key business drivers, performance management processes, KPI management and report delivery. We evaluated the current process within a framework of the desired business outcomes.  This practice allowed us to do more than simply replicate legacy reporting. It resulted in enhanced data integrity, a better understanding of core business systems, and new insights through improved data management and visualization. All of this greatly improved user experience.

Key wins include:

  • Update March 2021 During the pandemic, the firm was able to focus and prioritize on the most important parts of their business and make better decisions using real-time data.
  • Scalable analytics framework leveraging Microsoft Cloud
  • Multiple Power BI Apps targeted toward specific audiences within the firm
  • Email notifications via Power BI
  • Reporting moved from weekly distribution via email to on-demand access via the web
  • Platform used for performance management and deeper insights into business operations

“We came out of [the pandemic shutdowns] in good shape only because of the sophistication of the data in front of us.” – Vice President of Marketing & Technology