Financial Services Firm Seeks Trusted Technology Advisor

About the Firm 

The firm is a financial planning and investment management firm based in St. Louis, MO. With a focus on risk management, their goal is for clients to obtain growth-oriented financial profiles. They assist with everything from budget management to estate planning. They publish regular podcasts and video content with the aim of educating  current and potential clients. 


The most pressing challenge faced by this organization was two-sided: internet speed was not reliable enough to support their initiatives and the firewall was not optimized to handle increased internet speed. This resulted in increased costs for internet services that were ineffective at solving the spotty service issues 

Another restraint was a lack of a cohesive, long-term IT vision. Their previous technology partner, experts in print management but not in managed services, was unable to provide the insight and skills necessary to build and execute a technology road map. The firm knew they needed a partner they could align with on technology goal setting 

With an office expansion in the near future, they wanted a technology partner who could assist with the move while keeping their specialized needs for podcast and video recording as top priorities. The goals for this initiative largely focused on expanding the reach of their communication.  


GadellNet partnered with this organization to provide advisory services, managed services and security services.  

The first step was thoughtful solution design and implementing a new firewall and fiber internet. This two-part solution increased efficiency in their office and transformed the day-to-day experience for their employees. 

GadellNet then took on the technical aspects of the office expansion to ensure their goal of reaching an increased audience with  their communication mediums could be achieved.  

Next, we ensured they were up to date on maintenance items like security compliance, and Microsoft licensing, and other services provided by a full-service MSP 

Impact Made

Throughout the relationship with this financial firm, they have felt confident that they could trust GadellNet wholly as their technology experts, opting to take advantage of our consulting services. At first, they contracted for 4 consulting hours per month but quickly doubled that time in order to achieve their goals within an aggressive timeline. The firm has a strong and well-formed vision for their future GadellNet’s consulting team used this to aid in the creation of a strategic roadmap with a phased approach, spanning several years with key benchmarks at set intervals. Now they will achieve their goals with minimal rework, roadblocks, or surprises.  

Key wins include: 

  • Optimized internet services by replacing existing firewall resulting in increased office efficiency and ongoing cost savings
  • Seamless and undisrupted employee experience throughout office expansion process 
  • 3-year technology roadmap laser-focused on the goals created with collaboration between key stakeholders and GadellNet’s consulting team  
  • In year one, the organization increased security by implementing Multi-Factor Authentication for internal and external team members
  • Completing an email migration to MS 365 in year one increased flexibility and security for the team

“We’ve been in business for 25 years, during that time IT has been a burden rather than asset.  Now IT is an asset to our firm and GadellNet proactively advises us on cost-effective methods to streamline our business while taking care of the day to day IT hassles that used to take up so much of our time and lead to so much frustration.” Chief Operations Officer, Financial Services Firm