Non-Profit Organization Prioritizes IT

About the Firm

The non-profit organization provides programs and assistance to individuals with mental illness. They have the unique task of making ensuring their technology not only meets the needs of employees but also the members. The recent hiring of a new Chief Financial Officer resulted in a full-scale evaluation of current IT resources and spend.  She quickly determined efficiency concerns and upcoming action necessary to keep their environment secure and stable.


The goal was to maximize resources and IT spend, create a solid strategy and achieve objectives laid out by the Board of Directors. This would start with creating a sustainable IT roadmap to bring to their Board for approval.  Part of the decision making process included a tour of our facility, meetings with key GadellNet employees and speaking with our references.  Ultimately, they chose GadellNet, above other options, as the partner to help them reach their goals.


GadellNet got started by creating a 12-month plan to achieve IT objectives.  Then, the team went to work checking off the objectives.  First, they implemented a new backup strategy and email encryption policies to protect staff, members and their data, in accordance with HIPPA regulations.  Cybersecurity training and security protocols were rolled out to ensure privacy and protection at all levels.  GadellNet developed an asset refresh plan for aging employee and member computers to make sure technology could be accessible to all.  Our team also documented and executed onboarding/offboarding procedures to make sure the HR process worked smoothly

Impact Made

The non-profit organization could focus on supporting their member community while resting easier with the knowledge that their technology infrastructure was stronger, safer and optimized for the long term.

Key wins include:

  • Added structure and data to the help desk process to support better IT decisions
  • Removed unnecessary risk from end-of-life Windows 7 computers
  • Ensured HIPAA regulations are met
  • Adopted the 12-month IT roadmap to ensure long-term IT success for their staff and members