Thought Leadership

Are you prepared for tomorrow’s data breach?

March 12, 2014

Sure, there once was a time when being a small to medium sized business with little brand awareness had its advantages. For example, you were a lot less likely to be targeted by hackers. Often when people think of data breaches and security threats, they typically think of huge conglomerates being the focus of hackers and cyber-attacks. Take Target’s recent data breach for example, this is when credit and debit cards, along with personal data had been stolen by thieves, putting over 70 million [...]

On Cloud Nine: Why Cloud-based Email is a Must

March 14, 2013

Are you looking for a cloud computing partner to help upgrade your IT structure? These days, many business owners find themselves evaluating their IT processes, but how do you find the right cloud provider? Determining which is the most reliable vendor for your business can be a little tricky. Because each company’s priorities are different, there is no standard checklist that you can use as a guideline. One important item that needs to be on the checklist? Storing and securing email off-site [...]

The Top 5 Benefits of Cloud Computing for Businesses

December 10, 2012

Cloud computing seems to be the trending topic in the corporate world. Whomever hasn’t implemented this solution yet is probably thinking of doing so in the near future. If your company hasn’t outsourced its IT system to a cloud computing vendor, you might be wondering what the fuss is all about. Why are businesses choosing to migrate to the cloud? Reduced costs. By moving your company’s data to the cloud, you’ll have less hardware requirements, which means less maintenance and power [...]