Thought Leadership

There is Time for Tenacity and Grit with Kanika Chadda Gupta, New York, New York

September 22, 2022

After becoming a parent, Kanika Chadda Gupta shifted her focus to her family and the community around her. She utilized the journalistic roots she had garnered during her time at CNN and started sharing stories full-time. As the host of the popular podcast “That’s Total Mom Sense”, Kanika uses her platform to bring a community of parents together. For her, parenting is an equalizer. Even though stories might be vastly different, the throughline is one and the same. Listen in to hear ho [...]

There is time to make a greater impact with Gretchen Schott, Fishers, Indiana

September 12, 2022

When we think about professional development, we often look to external resources. For example, if I spend fourteen hours a day working, I’m sure I’ll get that promotion. If I sign on five more clients, I’m doing the best for my business. But sometimes, a results-oriented mindset can end up bogging you down, causing you to plateau. Gretchen Schott, Chief Learning Officer at Threefold, believes that by changing our own behaviors and beliefs, we can create positive change. She helps [...]

There is time for coming together around the table with Bryan Dayton, Boulder, Colorado

August 25, 2022

At its core, food is a cultural experience. Bryan Dayton wants to bring that experience to his patrons with each of his five Colorado restaurants. His interest in food and the restaurant world began at an early age. He washed dishes, mopped floors, and even bartended later on. This experience, accompanied with an impressive travel résumé, gave him the foundation he needed to start his own businesses. In this episode, we discussed the need to share these experiences with others and how tha [...]

There is time for running towards the fire with Kellie Sirna, Dallas, Texas

August 11, 2022

When her job didn’t afford her the flexibility she needed, Kellie Sirna set out on her own and began a life of serial entrepreneurship. Running multiple businesses while also being a single parent has its challenges, but she is skilled in the art of the hustle. Now the owner of Studio 11 Design and its two sister companies, Kellie focuses on selecting clients that will be a good fit for her team. She takes an individual approach to each employee to ensure she’s building successful partn [...]

There is time for maximizing connection with Lindsay Tjepkema, Indianapolis

July 29, 2022

Lindsay Tjepkema grew up with the idea that connections and friends are a luxury. Now she realizes to be successful, a support system is extremely important. With this knowledge, Lindsay stepped out of the career she had built for herself to become the CEO and Co-founder of Casted, a venture-backed SaaS business in the marketing technology space. Casted gives her and others a platform to access content to make it valuable. It empowers b2b marketers to maximize the power of connection wi [...]

There is time for changing the playing field with Seth Goldman, Bethesda, Maryland

July 14, 2022

Seth Goldman knows what it means to pursue projects you’re passionate about.. He co-founded Honest Tea and is now the Chief Change Agent at Eat the Change. He’s also launching the new brand, Just Ice Tea, which focuses on just relationships with the supply trade and fair trade farms they source from. Acting on issues he cares about is important to Seth. He takes the time to change the playing field by engaging in and embracing important topics and making sure everyone involved in th [...]

There is time for building confidence with Jake Simons, Indianapolis

June 30, 2022

Failure is not only an option. It’s part of the process. Teaching Robotics helped Jake realize this and pass this along to his students. Jake knows the importance of loving your work, and he finds this love through teaching the fifth grade at Woodview Elementary, coaching the Eaglebots, and being the director of Robotics for Wa-Nee Community Schools. With so much to do, Jake knows that finding time for family and for himself are crucial for staying balanced. That means saying “no” [...]

There is time for crazy ideas with Stephanie Cox, Indianapolis

March 17, 2022

“I love crazy ideas, and I love figuring out how to make crazy ideas reality, and solving unsolvable problems.”  Stephanie Cox, CEO of Lumavate, never takes the easy way out, she’s the type of person who seeks out unbeatable problems to tackle and rolls with life’s punches. That’s why Stephanie wasn’t surprised or stumped when she adopted a pre-teen in the span of a few weeks, switched her high schoolers to a homeschooling program, and became CEO of Lumavate. In thi [...]

There is time for writing your personal playbook with Gary Brackett, Indianapolis

March 3, 2022

“Take an inventory of your life. If things aren't adding up, it's time to start subtracting.” Gary Brackett has experienced extreme highs and lows in his life— from being a part of a Superbowl-winning NFL team to filing for bankruptcy and divorce. In this episode, Gary shares how he learned just as much from failure as he has with success. Achieving what he thought he wanted—status and wealth—put things in perspective, forcing him to realize family and fulfillment are what reall [...]

There is time to find the silver lining with Katie Doble, Denver

January 20, 2022

Throughout her life, Katie ‘Emoji’ Doble has found herself a statistical outlier. In her teens, she lost her mother to cancer, in her 20’s she struggled with her identity, in her 30’s she was diagnosed with a very rare terminal cancer. Finally, she’s met her 40’s being declared disease-free. Each of those events has taken its toll, but they’ve also given her perspective on the importance of addressing your emotions, giving yourself grace, and setting boundaries. How does [...]