The GadellNet Top 10: Cyber Security Trends for 2016

October 1, 2015

As we are on trending downhill on the year 2015, we look forward to 2016. A lot has changed in the world of cyber security in 2015 and next year the same is to be expected. We have learned a lot and anticipate seeing some of the same and some new for next year. Here is what you need to know to make sure you are prepared.

1. Internet of Things

The internet of things connects objects to the internet and other devices, allowing physical objects to become part of one big information system. This is how your refrigerator can pull up a Pinterest recipe, sending data back to a database about this encounter, and how your Fitbit keeps track of your activity. It creates many opportunities from a data perspective. The internet of things will continue expanding and with it, a massive scale of security risks. When adding IoT devices, it is important to remember the security of each device is important.

2. Connected Vehicle

Wifi in your car- sounds great! Connectivity to the internet can pose threats, however. If your car is able to be controlled by a hacker, your personal safety can be too. Car makers have to keep up with the creative ways hackers can worm their way into your car’s system. If a vehicle is left with vulnerabilities, it can have serious consequences.

3. Advertising and Tracking

We’ve all seen the personalized ads on our browsers. As soon as you look up, “all-inclusive Hawaiian resort” travel agencies are advertising to you. Advertising networks build extremely detailed profiles of internet users which can compromise privacy. This goes beyond just your browsing history to purchases and articles you read.

4. Malvertising

Malvertising is when a hacker uses advertising networks to distribute malware and viruses. No longer is the main concern simply going to a dangerous site, now they can come to you through these ads.

5. Mobile Malware

We put a lot of personal information on our smartphones and tablets because they are so convenient. We logon to our banking app to see if that last purchase has been taken out of our account yet and pay our cable bill. That is why mobile security is a big deal- we use these devices for everything. Keeping apps updated can help keep your data safe.

6. Ransomware

These are infections such as CryptoLocker and CryptoWall that can effect a large number of users. Ransomware is a concern because foreign hacking groups have been pretty profitable and will likely continue to attach with updated versions of these kinds of infections.

7. Data Destruction

In today’s digital age of business, data is incredibly important to protect. If attacks to remote networks are successful in destroying data, they can cause damage that can be catastrophic for companies. Data destruction started really gaining traction in 2015 with the evolution of ransomeware.

8.  Risky Third-Party Providers

Hackers don’t always charge straight for their main target. Sometimes they breach one company to obtain information necessary to gain access to a bigger target. An example of this would be when card information at Target was leaked.

9. Regulations of Encryption

Encryption is incredibly important to data security. This has come to the attention of many governments around the world, which are considering regulating encryption for the business community. The intention is to bring a certain level of protection to businesses, but would it weaken some of the encryption that is already in use for many commercial products?

10. Vulnerabilities in Critical Infrastructure

There are 16 industries that are considered critical infrastructure industries including defense, agriculture, and information technology. If they were to fall victim to a disconnect between the technologies they use, security could be compromised. A more streamlined approach could alleviate this concern for many.



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