GadellNet Donates 100+ Computers

June 1, 2016

At GadellNet, we believe technology has the power to transform lives. Beyond business best practices, people can be impacted greatly by technology. In the St. Louis area, GadellNet employees noticed there was a large population who did not have access to technology. We set out to make a difference in the lives of those who could not otherwise afford a computer. Giving them oppotunities through technology has been a real pleasure.

GadellNet donated over 123 computers to those in need in the St. Louis area. The recipients included kids in school who need them for homework, parents who need them for work, college students who needed them for class and so on.

GadellNet focused on the underserved population who could not afford a computer but need access to technology.

GadellNet employees also taught classes at local schools called, “Intro to Computers,” to help people who are unfamiliar with technology the basic building blocks. Giving back to those in need is important to everyone at GadellNet. We saw a need not only for the technology, but also for the basic skills to use this technology.

GadellNet worked with clients, University City, and others to collect all 123 computers and impact 123 lives for the better.