Google Changes Algorithm for Mobile Search: April 21

March 27, 2015

Recently, Google announced that on April 21st they were going to change the algorithm that is used to find sites in their mobile search. Starting on this date, Google will be slowly launching this change worldwide, affecting mobile searches from all areas.  This is considered one of Google’s largest algorithm changes in years.


Did you know 60% of web searches are done on a mobile device?  Without a mobile friendly website, you lose all of that traffic effective later this month.

That said, GadellNet’s development team is available for a free “mobile ready” test to see if your site is optimized for mobile searches and can help participate in quickly updating the website to meet the minimum requirements set forth by Google.

Alternatively, use this link:

This goes beyond just your home page, but all pages on your website affect your Google rankings.  There’s no obligation to move forward, but we’re available to help determine next steps as needed to keep your site relevant to Google searches.

Contact Us to learn how we can help get your site ready for April 21!