Hamilton County Technology Exchange

June 1, 2016

The Hamilton County Technology Exchange is a non-profit organization created by professionals in the technology field who saw a need in our community. Their target is individuals who live above the federal poverty line but still fall below the basic cost of living. These individuals are oftentimes overlooked when it comes to traditional aid, but struggle to propel themselves forward without basic technology which usually cannot be afforded in their income bracket. The HCLA wants to provide them with better opportunities through technology.

Nick Smarrelli, GadellNet’s CEO, is on the board of this organization and helped to coordinate and distribute technology.

The Hamilton County Technology exchange seeks to, “provide computer resources to individuals in need for purposes on on-line job searching, resume development, and other basic functions,” according to their mission statement. What that comes down to is getting laptops to those who need them but cannot afford them.

This program allows individuals who couldn’t afford a laptop to search for jobs, create a resume, or take college courses to do so the way that is demanded in today’s technologically advanced world. With these new resources at their fingertips, these individuals are able to do more than aspire to a better future – they are able to the necessary steps to get there.

In its first year, the Hamilton County Technology Exchange was able to work with 6 non-profit organizations throughout the county to impact lives through technology donations. These organizations included afterschool clubs, schools, and more.

Below are some of the recipients of the laptops donated by GadellNet through the Hamilton County Technology Exchange.


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